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Taxi Banner Wraps. 3 Month  Special Price of $8.90 per day per taxi. AND GET THE 4th MONTH FREE Includes Ads on Both Sides Of Taxi Cab. Minimum of 5 Taxis. Our form of advertising is eye catching and will Deliver Your Message, in addition to Expanding Your Exposure. 


Moving Ads

* Mobile taxi ads can take your mesages into areas that restrict other outdoor advertising.

* Mobile taxi advertising reaches pedestrians & motororists on side streets, at airports, on highways, downtown, at conventions-- wherever there is a high concentration of people.

* Taxi advertising is a "Reach Medium"-"Consumers who are reached repeatly with a message show higher advertising awareness, brand recall and purchse behavior." **

**The Arbitron Outdoor Study (c) 2001 Arbitron Inc.

We deliver results on wheels. "MOVING ADS" offers Taxi door banner wrap advertising serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN and surrounding Suburbs.

Unique Messaging

Your Ad seen at eye level, thousands of times each day. Colorful outdoor advertising on Taxis that can easily be seen and read in moving or static traffic.We use all four doors of "Blue & White Taxis" for your ads, which offers approximately 6,000+ impressions a day per taxi. Your ad will cover 80% of the taxi's body so your ad will catch people's eyes instantly. We offer a unique way to brand your products,and services for your company.Taxis locate in hight traffic locations and are visable to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. For less than 1/2 cent per impression we offer the most cost efficient form of advertising available, at the same time delivering you maxium results.

Instant Attention for Your Ad

You can also place your advertisement on both sides of the free taxi customer receipt form that is given out to all passengers at no extra charge.

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